Boundary, Construction and Design services in the Western New York region and the surrounding areas.

Upon purchasing a property, you may not notice all of its defining features. Where are your boundaries and how does a land owner clarify the legal limits of one's property? A New York land survey can give you more information on the borders and subtle features of your real estate. 

We have all the angles covered.


Our knowledgeable field crews can deliver boundary surveys for the title transfer of residential and commercial properties. They can also help provide solutions including regulatory compliance. 

Topographic Mapping

We can identify existing land features such as trees, buildings, streets, walkways, manholes, utility poles, and retaining walls for site improvement and geodetic control.


We gather information to provide precise measurements and create digital maps and detailed reports. We can advise clients, architects, and construction managers of any on-site conditions they should be aware of and performs layout work. 

3-D Modeling

We use Computer Aided Design to create three-dimensional mapping for machine control in land fills and volumetric surveying. Objects are converted into highly accurate mathematical representations using laser scanners and 3-D modeling software.